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Fine Spotted Woodpecker

Fine Spotted Woodpecker - Campethera punctuligera
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: Fine-spotted Woodpecker
Latin: Campethera punctuligera
Other: Pic à taches noires
Family: PicidaeWoodpeckers
Range: Central and West Africa, incl Gambia, Senegal

I saw Fine-spotted Woodpecker outside Farakunku Lodge and again a few times upriver. Female, above, black moustachial stripe. Male, below, red stripe.

Thanks to Danielle for the shot of a pair of Fine-spotted Woodpeckers in Senegal, further below.

Below, male Fine-spotted Woodpecker on termite nest, Gambia, Mar 2013.
Fine Spotted Woodpecker - Campethera punctuligera

Danielle J • female and male Fine-spotted Woodpeckers • Senegal
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Cardinal Woodpecker

Cardinal Woodpecker - Dendropicos fuscescens
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: Cardinal Woodpecker
Latin: Dendropicos fuscescens
Other: Fr: Pic cardinal
Family: PicidaeWoodpeckers
Range: Sub-Saharan Africa

The male Cardinal Woodpecker has a red cap. The female (further below) a black cap.

Below, male Cardinal Woodpecker looking out, Gambia, Feb 2013.
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African Grey Woodpecker

© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: African Grey Woodpecker
Latin: Dendropicos goertae
Other: Pic goertan (Fr)
Family: PicidaeWoodpeckers
Range: Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia to W Ethiopia to NW Tanzania, S Gabon, NW Angola & SC Zaire

The female African Grey Woodpecker has a plain grey head - the male has a red crest. Plain shoulders and chest. Several seen at Farakunku Lodge.

Below, female African Grey Woodpecker, Gambia, Feb 2013

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Oriole Warbler

Oriole Warbler - Hypergerus atriceps
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: Oriole Warbler
Latin: Hypergerus atriceps
Other: Noircap loriot (Fr)
Family: CisticolidaeCisticolas
Range: W Africa

The Oriole Warbler has a black hood, with white-bordered feathers, black chest, yellow-green upper parts and yellow underneath.

I saw them at Bijolo and near the beach at Tujereng. Good-looking bird.

Below, Oriole Warbler, Bijolo, Gambia, Feb 2013.
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Little Swift

© GW - monacoeye, all rights reserved. Gambia, March, 2013

Bird name: Little Swift
Latin: Apus affinis
Other: Martinet à croupion gris (Fr)
Family: Apodidae • Swifts
Range: Africa, India etc

The Little Swifts were too fast for my camera - but here were their nests.

Common Bulbul

Common Bulbul - Pycnonotus barbatus
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: Common Bulbul
Latin: Pycnonotus barbatus
Other: Bulbul des jardins (Fr)
Family: PycnonotidaeBulbuls
Range: NE, N, W, C Africa

I saw the Common Bulbul frequently in Gambia, often at lodges. A fairly plain looking brown bird, noisy and conspicuous.

Pycnonotus barbatus inornatus, Common Bulbul found in Gambia. S Mauritania and Senegal to W Chad and N Cameroon. Darker brown head merges gradually into lighter belly. All brown.

Dark-capped Bulbul (with yellow vent) treated here as a separate species.

1. Pycnonotus barbatus inornatus, Common Bulbul, Gambia, Feb 2013.
Common Bulbul - Pycnonotus barbatus

Below, Common Bulbul, Gambia, Feb 2013.
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Western Yellow Wagtail

Western Yellow Wagtail - Motacilla flava
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Mar 2013. 1. M. f. flavissima ?

Bird name: Western Yellow Wagtail
Latin: Motacilla flava
Other: Bergeronnette printanière (Fr)
Family: Motacillidae • Wagtails
Range: Temperate Europe and Asia, migrates to Africa, S Asia.
Similar: Grey Wagtail, Citrine Wagtail

The Yellow Wagtail varies in appearance depending on subspecies. Pictured here:

1. Above, possibly Motacilla flava flavissima, Yellow-crowned Wagtail - Gambia, March.

2. Directly below, probably Motacilla flava dombrowskii - Danube Delta, Romania, May.

3. Possibly, Motacilla flava flavissima, Yellow-crowned Wagtail - Gambia, February

4. Possibly Motacilla flava flava, Blue-headed Wagtail - Gambia, March

5. Motacilla flava cinereocapilla, Ashy-headed Wagtail - NW Italy, April

2. Small white supercilium, dark cap, yellow underside, M. f. dombrowskii, Romania, May.
Western Yellow Wagtail - Motacilla flava

3. Yellow supercilium, throat, belly; brown eyestripe, white chest, Gambia, Feb, 2013
Western Yellow Wagtail - Motacilla flava

4. White supercilium, striped face, yellow throat, chest and belly, Gambia, Mar, 2013
Western Yellow Wagtail - Motacilla flava

5. Below M. f. cinereocapilla – Ashy-headed Wagtail. Arma di Taggia, Italy, April
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Tree Pipit

Tree Pipit - Anthus trivialis
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, March 2013

Bird name: Tree Pipit
Latin: Anthus trivialis
Other: Pipit des Arbres (Fr)
Family: Motacillidae • Pipits
Range: Europe, temperate Asia, migrating to India, Africa, incl Gambia
Similar: Meadow Pipit

Above a migrant Tree Pipit seen in Kartong, Gambia.

There's an art to differentiating Tree Pipits from Meadow Pipits - one that I do not claim to have mastered.

But the principal differences are that the Tree Pipit has a larger supercilium, (a thick white mark above the eye), with a whitish dot around the ear. The Meadow Pipit has a more strongly marked back - the Tree Pipit's is dull in comparison. The Tree Pipit has fine marks on the flanks. They both have pinkish legs, unlike the Water Pipit which has dark legs.

Wire Tailed Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow - Hirundo smithii
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Gambia, Feb 2013

Bird name: Wire-tailed Swallow
Latin: Hirundo smithii
Other: Hirondelle à longs brins (Fr)
Family: Hirundinidae • Swallows & Martins
Range: Widespread Africa, Asia

Just one Wire-tailed Swallow seen on the road outside Marakissa River Lodge.

Below, Wire-tailed Swallow on dirt road near bridge, Marakissa River Camp, Gambia
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White Banded Swallow

White-banded Swallow - Atticora fasciata
© GW - monacoeye • All rights reserved • Brazil, Aug 2011

Bird name: White-banded Swallow
Latin: Atticora fasciata
Other: Golondrina fajiblanca (Es) • peitoril, andorinha-de-cinta-branca, andorinha-de-faixa-branca (Br), Hirondelle à ceinture blanche (Fr)
Family: Hirundinidae • Swallows & Martins
Range: Amazonia: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyanas, Peru, Venezuela

The White-banded Swallow was a typical swallow found on and near small tributaries of the Amazon. I saw them in Ecuador and Brazil. Easy to recognise - all dark with white band on underside.

Below, White-banded Swallows, Rio Azul Lodge, Brazil, 2011
White-banded Swallow - Atticora fasciata

Below, White-banded Swallow in flight, Liana Lodge, Ecuador, Mar 2011
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