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Bush Tanagers

Yellow Throated Bush Tanager

Yellow Throated Bush Tanager - Chlorospingus flavigularis
Copyright: monacoeye • All rights reserved • Mirador Rio Branco, Ecuador, 2011

Bird name: Yellow Throated Bush Tanager
Latin: Chlorospingus flavigularis
Other: Montero gorgiamarillo, Clorospingo goliamarillo (Es)
Family: EmberizidaeBush Tanagers
Range: Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

I saw the Yellow-throated Bush-tanager several times around the Milpe Reserve region - including the cheap and excellent Mirador Rio Branco, which I would recommend to anyone visiting the area.

Yellow-throated Bush-tanagers have a yellow hood and upperparts, grey lores and light underparts, pale irises.

Below, the Yellow-throated Bush-tanager at Mirador Rio Branco, Ecuador
Yellow Throated Bush Tanager - Chlorospingus flavigularisMore photos...

Sooty Capped Bush Tanager

Sooty Capped Bush Tanager - Chlorospingus pileatus
Copyright: monacoeye • All rights reserved • Panama, Chiriqui, May 2010

Bird name: Sooty Capped Bush Tanager
Latin: Chlorospingus pileatus
Other: Frutero copetón (Es)
Family: EmberizidaeBush Tanagers
Range: Costa Rica, western Panama

In Panama, the Sooty-Capped Bush Tanager is found only in the western highlands. This individual was seen above 2000m.

The Sooty-Capped Bush Tanager is identified by the large white stripe above the eye, white throat, yellow body, and otherwise sooty head.More photos...

Common Bush Tanager

Common Bush Tanager - Chlorospingus ophthalmicus
Copyright: monacoeye • All rights reserved • Panama, Chiriqui, May 2010

Bird name: Common Bush Tanager
Latin: Chlorospingus ophthalmicus
Other: Tangarita oftálmica, Tangara de monte orejuda, Clorospingo comun (Es) • C. flavopectus
Family: EmberizidaeBush Tanagers
Range: SW Mexico to N Argentina,

I saw the Common Bush Tanager in several locations in Panama, above in El Valle, below at the Finca Dracula in Cerro Punta. In Panama, recognisable by the large white patch behind the eye.

But in Ecuador, Common Bush Tanagers do not have this white post-ocular mark.More photos...

Dusky Bush Tanager

Dusky Bush Tanager - Chlorospingus semifuscus
Copyright: monacoeye • All rights reserved • Santa Lucia Reserve, Ecuador, 2011

Bird name: Dusky Bush Tanager
Latin: Chlorospingus semifuscus
Other: Clorospingo oscuro (Es)
Family: EmberizidaeBush Tanagers
Range: Colombia, Ecuador

Although the Dusky Bush-tanager was common at the Santa Lucia Reserve, like most Bush-tanagers it was not easy to photograph. A guide told me that in the morning it is easy to see as it chatters continually, but does not stop moving. Later in the day it is quiet and doesn’t move so much, but is difficult to see because it’s so camouflaged in the trees.

Dusky Bush-tanagers have greyish hoods, olive upperparts, grey underparts, pale irises, dark bill.More photos...

Emberizidae - Buntings, New World Sparrows

226 Emberizidae - Buntings, New World Sparrows, Brush Finches, Bush Tanagers - IOC 2.5 - 2010 (+2.8)

Emberiza lathami - Crested Bunting - Himalayas to Thailand, SE China - Was Melophus
Emberiza siemsseni - Slaty Bunting - C China - Was Latoucheornis
Emberiza calandra - Corn Bunting - W, SC, Eurasia, also N Africa
Emberiza citrinella - Yellowhammer - W, C Eurasia - N Africa
Emberiza leucocephalos - Pine Bunting - C, E Eurasia - S Asia, Southeast Asia
Emberiza cia - Rock Bunting - SW, SC Eurasia
Emberiza godlewskii - Godlewski's Bunting - C Eurasia
Emberiza cioides - Meadow Bunting - E Eurasia
Emberiza stewarti - White-capped Bunting - Himalayas to C India
Emberiza jankowskii - Jankowski's Bunting - E Eurasia
Emberiza buchanani - Grey-necked Bunting - S, C Eurasia - India
Emberiza cineracea - Cinereous Bunting - SC Eurasia - NE Africa
Emberiza hortulana - Ortolan Bunting - W, C Eurasia - N Africa, S Asia
Emberiza caesia - Cretzschmar's Bunting - SW Eurasia - NE Africa
Emberiza cirlus - Cirl Bunting - W, SW, Eurasia, also NW Africa
Emberiza striolata - Striolated Bunting - NE Africa to SW Asia and NW India - Was House Bunting
Emberiza sahari - House Bunting - NW Africa - Split from E. striolata
Emberiza impetuani - Lark-like Bunting - SW Africa
Emberiza tahapisi - Cinnamon-breasted Bunting - Widespread Africa, also SW Arabian Peninsula
Emberiza socotrana - Socotra Bunting - Socotra Island
Emberiza capensis - Cape Bunting - S Africa
Emberiza vincenti - Vincent's Bunting - Malawi
Emberiza tristrami - Tristram's Bunting - E Eurasia - S China, N Southeast Asia
Emberiza fucata - Chestnut-eared Bunting - C, E Eurasia - Southeast Asia
Emberiza pusilla - Little Bunting - N Eurasia - Asia
Emberiza chrysophrys - Yellow-browed Bunting - NC, NE Eurasia - E, S China
Emberiza rustica - Rustic Bunting - N Eurasia - E China
Emberiza elegans - Yellow-throated Bunting - E Eurasia - Southeast Asia
Emberiza aureola - Yellow-breasted Bunting - N, E Eurasia - Asia
Emberiza poliopleura - Somali Bunting - EC Africa
Emberiza flaviventris - Golden-breasted Bunting - Widespread Africa
Emberiza affinis - Brown-rumped Bunting - W, C, E Africa
Emberiza cabanisi - Cabanis's Bunting - W, C,e, SE Africa
Emberiza rutila - Chestnut Bunting - E Eurasia - Asia
Emberiza koslowi - Tibetan Bunting - Himalayas to WC China
Emberiza melanocephala - Black-headed Bunting - SC Eurasia - India
Emberiza bruniceps - Red-headed Bunting - SC Eurasia - India
Emberiza sulphurata - Yellow Bunting - Japan, Korea - SE China, Philippines
Emberiza spodocephala - Black-faced Bunting - E Eurasia - Asia
Emberiza variabilis - Grey Bunting - E Eurasia
Emberiza pallasi - Pallas's Reed Bunting - E Eurasia
Emberiza yessoensis - Japanese Reed Bunting - E Eurasia
Emberiza schoeniclus - Common Reed Bunting - Widespread Eurasia - N Africa, S Asia

Calamospiza melanocorys - Lark Bunting - C North America - to NC Mexico

Passerella iliaca - Fox Sparrow - W, N North America - SE South America, N Mexico

Melospiza melodia - Song Sparrow - Widespread North America, also to C Mexico
Melospiza lincolnii - Lincoln's Sparrow - W, N North America - Central America
Melospiza georgiana - Swamp Sparrow - NC, NE North America - to NE Mexico

Zonotrichia capensis - Rufous-collared Sparrow - S Mexico to S Argentina, Latin America, Hispaniola
Zonotrichia querula - Harris's Sparrow - NC North America - SC South America
Zonotrichia leucophrys - White-crowned Sparrow - N North America - to C Mexico
Zonotrichia albicollis - White-throated Sparrow - N North America - to N Mexico
Zonotrichia atricapilla - Golden-crowned Sparrow - NW North America - to NW Mexico

Junco vulcani - Volcano Junco - Costa Rica, Panama
Junco hyemalis - Dark-eyed Junco - N, W North America - S South America to Mexico
Junco insularis - Guadalupe Junco - Guadalupe Island - Split from J. hyemalis
Junco phaeonotus - Yellow-eyed Junco - SW USA to Guatemala

Passerculus sandwichensis - Savannah Sparrow - Canada to Guatemala

Ammodramus maritimus - Seaside Sparrow - E, S USA coasts
Ammodramus nelsoni - Nelson's Sparrow - Canada - SE South America
Ammodramus caudacutus - Saltmarsh Sparrow - E, NE USA - SE South America
Ammodramus leconteii - Le Conte's Sparrow - NC North America - SE South America
Ammodramus bairdii - Baird's Sparrow - NC North America - to N Mexico
Ammodramus henslowii - Henslow's Sparrow - C, EC North America - SE South America
Ammodramus savannarum - Grasshopper Sparrow - Widespread N America, M America, Colombia
Ammodramus humeralis - Grassland Sparrow - Widespread South America - was Myospiza humeralis
Ammodramus aurifrons - Yellow-browed Sparrow - Colombia to Amazonia - was Myospiza aurifrons

Xenospiza baileyi - Sierra Madre Sparrow - C Mexico

Spizella arborea - American Tree Sparrow - N Canada, Alaska - South America
Spizella passerina - Chipping Sparrow - Widespread North America, Middle America
Spizella pusilla - Field Sparrow - E, C North America - to NE Mexico
Spizella wortheni - Worthen's Sparrow - NE Mexico
Spizella atrogularis - Black-chinned Sparrow - SW USA, Mexico
Spizella pallida - Clay-colored Sparrow - C North America - to W Mexico
Spizella breweri - Brewer's Sparrow - WC North America - to C Mexico

Pooecetes gramineus - Vesper Sparrow - W, N North America - SE South America, Mexico

Chondestes grammacus - Lark Sparrow - W, N North America - SE South America to Guatemala

Amphispiza bilineata - Black-throated Sparrow - W USA to C Mexico
Amphispiza belli - Sage Sparrow - WC, SW North America, Middle America - NW Mexico

Aimophila ruficauda - Stripe-headed Sparrow - W Mexico to C Guatemala
Aimophila humeralis - Black-chested Sparrow - W Mexico
Aimophila mystacalis - Bridled Sparrow - C Mexico
Aimophila sumichrasti - Cinnamon-tailed Sparrow - SW Mexico
Aimophila stolzmanni - Tumbes Sparrow - Ecuador, Peru
Aimophila strigiceps - Stripe-capped Sparrow - SC South America
Aimophila carpalis - Rufous-winged Sparrow - SW USA, NW Mexico
Aimophila cassinii - Cassin's Sparrow - SC, SW USA, N Mexico
Aimophila aestivalis - Bachman's Sparrow - SE USA
Aimophila botterii - Botteri's Sparrow - SW USA to Costa Rica
Aimophila ruficeps - Rufous-crowned Sparrow - SC, SW USA, Mexico
Aimophila rufescens - Rusty Sparrow - NW Mexico to NW Costa Rica
Aimophila notosticta - Oaxaca Sparrow - S Mexico
Aimophila quinquestriata - Five-striped Sparrow - NW, W Mexico

Torreornis inexpectata - Zapata Sparrow - Cuba

Oriturus superciliosus - Striped Sparrow - W, C Mexico

Porphyrospiza caerulescens - Blue Finch - SC South America

Pipilo chlorurus - Green-tailed Towhee - W USA - C Mexico
Pipilo ocai - Collared Towhee - Mexico
Pipilo maculatus - Spotted Towhee - SW Canada to W Guatemala
Pipilo erythrophthalmus - Eastern Towhee - S Canada, C, E USA - to N Mexico
Pipilo albicollis - White-throated Towhee - Mexico
Pipilo fuscus - Canyon Towhee - SW USA, Mexico
Pipilo crissalis - California Towhee - W USA, North America, also Baja California
Pipilo aberti - Abert's Towhee - SW USA, NW Mexico

Melozone kieneri - Rusty-crowned Ground Sparrow - Mexico
Melozone biarcuata - Prevost's Ground Sparrow - Mexico to Nicaragua
Melozone cabanisi - Cabanis's Ground Sparrow - C Costa Rica - Split from M. biarcuta
Melozone leucotis - White-eared Ground Sparrow - S Mexico to Costa Rica

Arremonops rufivirgatus - Olive Sparrow - S Texas to Costa Rica
Arremonops tocuyensis - Tocuyo Sparrow - Colombia, Venezuela
Arremonops chloronotus - Green-backed Sparrow - SE Mexico to Honduras
Arremonops conirostris - Black-striped Sparrow - Honduras to N Brazil

changes below 2.8
Arremon taciturnus - Pectoral Sparrow - NW South America, Amazonia
Arremon semitorquatus - Half-collared Sparrow - SE Brazil
Arremon franciscanus - Sao Francisco Sparrow - EC Brazil
Arremon flavirostris - Saffron-billed Sparrow - SE, SC South America
Arremon aurantiirostris - Orange-billed Sparrow - SE Mexico to NE Peru
Arremon schlegeli - Golden-winged Sparrow - Colombia, Venezuela
Arremon abeillei - Black-capped Sparrow - Ecuador, Peru
Arremon brunneinucha - Chestnut-capped Brush Finch - Mexico to Ecuador - was Buarremon
Arremon virenticeps - Green-striped Brush Finch - W, C Mexico
Arremon torquatus - Stripe-headed Brush Finch - Costa Rica to NW Argentina
Arremon atricapillus - Black-headed Brush Finch - E Panama, Colombia - Split from A. torquatus
Arremon crassirostris - Sooty-faced Finch - Costa Rica, Panama - was Lysurus
Arremon castaneiceps - Olive Finch - Colombia to Peru

Pezopetes capitalis - Large-footed Finch - Costa Rica, Panama

Atlapetes pileatus - Rufous-capped Brush Finch - Mexico
Atlapetes albofrenatus - Moustached Brush Finch - Venezuela, Colombia
Atlapetes semirufus - Ochre-breasted Brush Finch - Venezuela, Colombia
Atlapetes personatus - Tepui Brush Finch - Tepuis
Atlapetes albinucha - White-naped Brush Finch - Mexico - Yellow-throated Brush Finch Atlapetes gutturalis is conspecific
Atlapetes melanocephalus - Santa Marta Brush Finch - Colombia
Atlapetes pallidinucha - Pale-naped Brush Finch - Venezuela to Peru
Atlapetes flaviceps - Yellow-headed Brush Finch - Colombia
Atlapetes fuscoolivaceus - Dusky-headed Brush Finch - Colombia
Atlapetes crassus - Choco Brush Finch - Colombia, Ecuador
Atlapetes tricolor - Tricolored Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes leucopis - White-rimmed Brush Finch - Colombia, Ecuador
Atlapetes latinuchus - Rufous-naped Brush Finch - Venezuela & Colombia to Peru
Atlapetes blancae - Antioquia Brush Finch - NC Colombia - Atlapetes blancae new species
Atlapetes rufigenis - Rufous-eared Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes forbesi - Apurimac Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes melanopsis - Black-spectacled Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes schistaceus - Slaty Brush Finch - Venezuela to Peru
Atlapetes leucopterus - White-winged Brush Finch - Ecuador, Peru
Atlapetes albiceps - White-headed Brush Finch - Ecuador, Peru
Atlapetes pallidiceps - Pale-headed Brush Finch - Ecuador
Atlapetes seebohmi - Bay-crowned Brush Finch - Ecuador, Peru
Atlapetes nationi - Rusty-bellied Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes canigenis - Cuzco Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes terborghi - Vilcabamba Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes melanolaemus - Grey-eared Brush Finch - Peru
Atlapetes rufinucha - Bolivian Brush Finch - Bolivia
Atlapetes fulviceps - Fulvous-headed Brush Finch - Bolivia, NW Argentina
Atlapetes citrinellus - Yellow-striped Brush Finch - Argentina

Pselliophorus tibialis - Yellow-thighed Finch - Costa Rica, Panama
Pselliophorus luteoviridis - Yellow-green Finch - Panama

Gubernatrix cristata - Yellow Cardinal - Uruguay, N, E Argentina

Paroaria coronata - Red-crested Cardinal - SE South America
Paroaria dominicana - Red-cowled Cardinal - NE Brazil
Paroaria gularis - Red-capped Cardinal - Amazonia
Paroaria baeri - Crimson-fronted Cardinal - SC Brazil
Paroaria capitata - Yellow-billed Cardinal - SC South America

Chlorospingus ophthalmicus - Common Bush Tanager - SW Mexico to N Argentina - comprises multiple species, C. flavopectus, C. ophthalmicus to Mexico
Chlorospingus tacarcunae - Tacarcuna Bush Tanager - Panama, Colombia
Chlorospingus inornatus - Pirre Bush Tanager - Panama
Chlorospingus semifuscus - Dusky Bush Tanager - Colombia, Ecuador
Chlorospingus pileatus - Sooty-capped Bush Tanager - Costa Rica, Panama
Chlorospingus parvirostris - Yellow-whiskered Bush Tanager - Colombia to Bolivia
Chlorospingus flavigularis - Yellow-throated Bush Tanager - Panama to Peru
Chlorospingus flavovirens - Yellow-green Bush Tanager - Colombia, Ecuador
Chlorospingus canigularis - Ashy-throated Bush Tanager - Costa Rica to Peru