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Black Crake

Black Crake - Amaurornis flavirostra
© GW - monacoeye, all rights reserved • Gambia, February, 2013

Bird name: Black Crake
Latin: Amaurornis flavirostra
Other: Râle à bec jaune (Fr), rallo nero (It)
Family: Rallidae - Rails, Crakes
Range: Sub-Saharan Africa

I saw Black Crakes a couple of times long enough to snap a photo at Marakissa.

The adult Black Crake is black with bright yellow bill and red eyes. The juvenile (below) is duller with a dark bill. Like the jacana it is adept at walking on lily pads.

Juvenile Black Crake walking on lily pads, Marakissa, Gambia, Feb 2013.
Black Crake - Amaurornis flavirostraMore photos...

Rufous Sided Crake

Rufous Sided Crake - Laterallus melanophaius
© GW - monacoeye, all rights reserved • Brazil, September

Bird name: Rufous Sided Crake
Latin: Laterallus melanophaius
Other: Râle brunoir (Fr), Burrito común (Es), sanã-parda (Br)
Family: Rallidae - Rails, Crakes
Range: South America

A couple of record shots of Rufous-sided Crake in the reeds at Regua, RJ, Brazil.More photos...


Sora - Porzana carolina
Photo copyright: monacoeye • Do not copy • Ammo Dump, Panama, 23 April 2010

Bird name: Sora
Latin: Porzana carolina
Family: Rallidae - Rails, Crakes
Range: North, Central, South America

A couple of record shots of Soras, seen at the Ammo Dump in central Panama.More photos...

White Throated Crake

White Throated Crake - Laterallus albigularis
© monacoeye • All rights reserved • Ammo Ponds, Panama • 28 April 2010

Bird name: White Throated Crake
Latin: Laterallus albigularis
Family: Rallidae - Rails, Crakes
Range: Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador.

The White-throated Crake is not the easiest of birds to see as it tends to stay hidden in swamps, moving around within dense grasses.

After a while we managed to catch sight of this family, however, in the Ammo Ponds, in the canal zone of central Panama. The White-throated Crake adults are rufous with black and white barred belly and green bill, whereas juveniles have darker plumage and pinkish bill. One of the adults had a light throat.

White Throated Crake - Laterallus albigularis
More photos...

Rallidae - Rails, Crakes, Coots

046 Rallidae - Rails, Crakes, Coots, Gallinules, Wood Rails, Swamphens - IOC 2.5 - 2010

Himantornis haematopus - Nkulengu Rail - W, WC, C Africa

Canirallus oculeus - Grey-throated Rail - W, WC, C Africa
Canirallus kioloides - Madagascar Wood Rail - Madagascar

Coturnicops exquisitus - Swinhoe's Rail - E Eurasia
Coturnicops noveboracensis - Yellow Rail - E, C North America
Coturnicops notatus - Speckled Rail - N, SE South America - New name

Micropygia schomburgkii - Ocellated Crake - N, SC, SE South America

Rallina rubra - Chestnut Forest Rail - New Guinea - New name
Rallina leucospila - White-striped Forest Rail - New Guinea - New name
Rallina forbesi - Forbes's Forest Rail - New Guinea - New name
Rallina mayri - Mayr's Forest Rail - New Guinea - New name
Rallina tricolor - Red-necked Crake - Widespread Australasia
Rallina canningi - Andaman Crake - Andaman Islands
Rallina fasciata - Red-legged Crake - NE India to Lesser Sundas, Philippines
Rallina eurizonoides - Slaty-legged Crake - Widespread Asia

Anurolimnas castaneiceps - Chestnut-headed Crake - S Colombia to NW Bolivia

Laterallus viridis - Russet-crowned Crake - Amazonia
Laterallus fasciatus - Black-banded Crake - W Amazonia
Laterallus melanophaius - Rufous-sided Crake - Widespread South America
Laterallus levraudi - Rusty-flanked Crake - Venezuela
Laterallus ruber - Ruddy Crake - E Mexico to Costa Rica
Laterallus albigularis - White-throated Crake - Nicaragua to Ecuador
Laterallus exilis - Grey-breasted Crake - Guatemala through Amazonia, SE South America
Laterallus jamaicensis - Black Rail - USA, Greater Antilles to W South America - Laterallus jamaicensis includes ssp salinasi
Laterallus tuerosi - Junin Crake - Peru
Laterallus spilonotus - Galapagos Crake - Galápagos Islands
Laterallus leucopyrrhus - Red-and-white Crake - SE South America
Laterallus xenopterus - Rufous-faced Crake - SC Brazil, C Paraguay

Nesoclopeus poecilopterus - Bar-winged Rail - Fiji Islands
Nesoclopeus woodfordi - Woodford's Rail - Solomon Islands

Gallirallus australis - Weka - New Zealand
Gallirallus calayanensis - Calayan Rail - Philippines
Gallirallus lafresnayanus - New Caledonian Rail - New Caledonia
Gallirallus sylvestris - Lord Howe Woodhen - Lord Howe Island
Gallirallus okinawae - Okinawa Rail - Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands
Gallirallus torquatus - Barred Rail - W New Guinea, Sulawesi, Australasia, also Philippines
Gallirallus insignis - Pink-legged Rail - New Britain
Gallirallus philippensis - Buff-banded Rail - Widespread Australasia, also Philippines
Gallirallus owstoni - Guam Rail - Guam
Gallirallus rovianae - Roviana Rail - Solomon Islands
Gallirallus striatus - Slaty-breasted Rail - Widespread Asia

Rallus longirostris - Clapper Rail - Widespread North America, Latin America
Rallus elegans - King Rail - E, C North America, Middle America
Rallus wetmorei - Plain-flanked Rail - Venezuela
Rallus limicola - Virginia Rail - Widespread North America - Mexico
Rallus aequatorialis - Ecuadorian Rail - SW Colombia, Ecuador - Split from R. limicola
Rallus semiplumbeus - Bogota Rail - Colombia
Rallus antarcticus - Austral Rail - S South America
Rallus aquaticus - Water Rail - W Europe to C Asia - N Africa, W S Asia
Rallus indicus - Brown-cheeked Rail - E Siberia to Japan - Nepal to SE Asia, Borneo - Split from R. aquaticus
Rallus caerulescens - African Rail - E, SC, SE, S Africa
Rallus madagascariensis - Madagascar Rail - Madagascar

Lewinia mirifica - Brown-banded Rail - Philippines
Lewinia pectoralis - Lewin's Rail - Lesser Sundas, New Guinea, E Australia
Lewinia muelleri - Auckland Rail - Auckland Islands

Dryolimnas cuvieri - White-throated Rail - Madagascar, Aldabra Island

Crex egregia - African Crake - Widespread Africa
Crex crex - Corn Crake - C, W Eurasia - S Africa

Rougetius rougetii - Rouget's Rail - Ethiopia, Eritrea

Aramidopsis plateni - Snoring Rail - Sulawesi

Atlantisia rogersi - Inaccessible Island Rail - Inaccessible Island

Aramides mangle - Little Wood Rail - E Brazil
Aramides axillaris - Rufous-necked Wood Rail - Mexico to Ecuador, Belize, N South America
Aramides cajanea - Grey-necked Wood Rail - S Mexico to N Argentina
Aramides wolfi - Brown Wood Rail - Colombia to Peru
Aramides ypecaha - Giant Wood Rail - SE South America
Aramides saracura - Slaty-breasted Wood Rail - SE South America
Aramides calopterus - Red-winged Wood Rail - W Amazonia

Amaurolimnas concolor - Uniform Crake - Widespread Latin America

Gymnocrex rosenbergii - Blue-faced Rail - Sulawesi
Gymnocrex talaudensis - Talaud Rail - Karakelong Island
Gymnocrex plumbeiventris - Bare-eyed Rail - New Guineas, Moluccas

Amaurornis akool - Brown Bush-hen - India to SE China
Amaurornis isabellina - Isabelline Bush-hen - Sulawesi
Amaurornis olivacea - Plain Bush-hen - Philippines
Amaurornis moluccana - Pale-vented Bush-hen - Lesser Sundas to Australia - Split from A. olivacea
Amaurornis magnirostris - Talaud Bush-hen - Karakelong Island
Amaurornis phoenicurus - White-breasted Waterhen - Widespread Asia
Amaurornis flavirostra - Black Crake - Widespread Africa
Amaurornis olivieri - Sakalava Rail - Madagascar

Porzana bicolor - Black-tailed Crake - NE India to SC China
Porzana parva - Little Crake - W, C Eurasia - C Africa
Porzana pusilla - Baillon's Crake - Widespread Eurasia, Africa, Asia, Australasia
Porzana porzana - Spotted Crake - W, C Eurasia - Africa, W Asia
Porzana fluminea - Australian Crake - Australia
Porzana carolina - Sora - Widespread North America - S South America to N, NW South America
Porzana spiloptera - Dot-winged Crake - SE South America
Porzana albicollis - Ash-throated Crake - N, SC, SE South America
Porzana fusca - Ruddy-breasted Crake - Widespread Asia, also E Asia
Porzana paykullii - Band-bellied Crake - E Eurasia - E Asia
Porzana tabuensis - Spotless Crake - Widespread Australasia
Porzana atra - Red-eyed Crake - Pitcairn Island
Porzana flaviventer - Yellow-breasted Crake - Caribbean & S Mexico to SE South America
Porzana cinerea - White-browed Crake - Malay Peninsula & Philippines to N Australia

Aenigmatolimnas marginalis - Striped Crake - WC, SE Africa

Cyanolimnas cerverai - Zapata Rail - Cuba

Neocrex colombiana - Colombian Crake - Panama to Ecuador
Neocrex erythrops - Paint-billed Crake - Widespread South America

Pardirallus maculatus - Spotted Rail - Widespread Latin America, also Caribbean
Pardirallus nigricans - Blackish Rail - W Amazonia, E, SE South America
Pardirallus sanguinolentus - Plumbeous Rail - S, W South America

Eulabeornis castaneoventris - Chestnut Rail - N Australia, Aru Islands

Habroptila wallacii - Invisible Rail - N Moluccas

Megacrex inepta - New Guinea Flightless Rail - New Guinea - New name

Gallicrex cinerea - Watercock - Widespread Asia

Porphyrio porphyrio - Purple Swamphen - Widespread Africa, Eurasia, Asia, Australasia
Porphyrio madagascariensis - African Swamphen - Widespread Africa
Porphyrio hochstetteri - Takahe - New Zealand
Porphyrio alleni - Allen's Gallinule - Widespread Africa
Porphyrio martinica - Purple Gallinule - SE USA to N Argentina
Porphyrio flavirostris - Azure Gallinule - N, Amazonia, SC South America

Gallinula silvestris - Makira Woodhen - Solomon Islands
Gallinula comeri - Gough Moorhen - Gough Is. Atlantic Ocean - Split from (extinct) flightless relative G. nesiotis; now traditional moorhen
Gallinula chloropus - Common Moorhen - Eurasia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, S, SE Asia to Philippines, N Mariana Is. Eurasia, Africa, Indian Ocean, Asia, Pacific Ocean
Gallinula galeata - Common Gallinule - North America, South America, Hawaii - Split from Common Moorhen
Gallinula tenebrosa - Dusky Moorhen - Widespread Australasia
Gallinula angulata - Lesser Moorhen - Widespread Africa
Gallinula melanops - Spot-flanked Gallinule - E, S South America

Tribonyx - were Gallinula
Tribonyx ventralis - Black-tailed Nativehen - Australia
Tribonyx mortierii - Tasmanian Nativehen - Tasmania

Fulica cristata - Red-knobbed Coot - S, SE, E Africa
Fulica atra - Eurasian Coot - Widespread Eurasia, Asia, Australasia - N Africa
Fulica alai - Hawaiian Coot - Hawaiian Islands
Fulica americana - American Coot - Widespread North America, Middle America, also Hawaiian Islands & N South America
Fulica caribaea - Caribbean Coot - Caribbean, North America, also N South America
Fulica leucoptera - White-winged Coot - SC, Southern Cone
Fulica ardesiaca - Andean Coot - Colombia to NW Argentina
Fulica armillata - Red-gartered Coot - Southern Cone
Fulica rufifrons - Red-fronted Coot - Southern Cone
Fulica gigantea - Giant Coot - Peru to NW Argentina
Fulica cornuta - Horned Coot - N Chile to NW Argentina